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Mail Plugin for Tivo Desktop . A plugin to allow you to check for email using your Tivo with HMO.


Remote JDBC . A JDBC API interface mimic that provides database access via a proxy server. This allows small platforms such as the TINI to use JDBC.

RPC 0 & RPC 1 . Two new RPC mechanisms developed just for the TINI. Up to 3x faster than XML-RPC.

XML-RPC A server side XML-RPC implementation in Java trimmed down for use on the TINI platform.


Just Go the Tomcat Launcher for Win32. Replaces the startup batch file. A frustration saver for Win98 environments that deal poorly with very long command lines and paths with spaces from batch files. Runs Tomcat right out of the box 99.99% of the time.

Bitpal : Palm OS - A bit field calculator for hardware programmers.


D-Link DSB-R100 USB Radio DLL importer and sample. Allows you to use the supplied DLL in your programs to control the radio.

Olympus D200L Command set Description of the commands and procedures for communicating with the camera. Also applies to later models.

Take One A program for taking pictures with D200L under computer control.

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