What's This?

This package implements a custom protocol for performing remote procedure calls (RPCs). It is designed towards achieving fast RPC's on the TINI platform, but is suitable for any micro Java platform. This package is an extension of the RPC 0 library , which you will need to build applications.

Why bigger?

The RPC 0 protocol was designed to push the low end for RPC protocols. To maintain the easiest route to cross platform and langauge portability, no concept of remote objects was provided for. This package builds on the same protocol to provide for server side objects. Server objects allow a client application to create, receive, and make calls on those objects. An example use is RemoteJDBC for which this package was designed.

This distribution includes a library that can be used to build clients, and servers. An example standalone server is included. Complete source code, built binaries and ANT build files are included.


This software is subject to the Mozilla Public
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The Original Code is "Hangar5 RPC 1 Library".

The Initial Developer of the Original Code is James D. Rudnicki.  
Portions created by James D. Rudnicki are
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A full copy of the Mozilla Public License was included in this distribution. The original is available at www.mozilla.org .

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