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Remote JDBC

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This package provides a method for allowing a TINI to interact with databases using a set of classes that mimic JDBC. Typical JDBC drivers weigh in at 100k+ and typically require Java 1.2 or higher, which makes them a little heavy for the TINI. Also, the TINI API does not include the java.sql package. To allow TINI's to do things like data logging straight to a database, this package provides a server application that runs on a full sized computer as a type of proxy, and provides a set of classes for use on the TINI that mimic the Connection, Statement, ResultSet, etc. classes in java.sql. The client (TINI) executes calls to the server via XML-RPC, and the server forwards the calls to the database using the standard JDBC API.

On the TINI side, the change is almost invisible. As an example consider the following code snippet

  /* create client to proxy */
  RpcClient client = new RpcClient( );
  /* prepare driver */
  if( !DriverManager.loadDriver( "" ) ) {
	throw new Exception( "No driver" );

  /* execute query */	
  Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection( 
  	"jdbc:mysql://", "root", "");
  Statement stmt = conn.createStatement();
  ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery( "select * from COFFEES" );
  ResultSetMetaData md = rs.getMetaData();
  n = md.getColumnCount();
  while ( {
    for (int i = 1; i <= nC; i++) {
      if (i > 1) System.out.print(",  ");
      String columnValue = rs.getString(i);

Other than the first four lines that initialize the XML-RPC connection and load the driver, this is exactly the JDBC sample code. A set of stub classes mimic the interface of DriverManager, Connection, and Statement but only pass along the parameters to the server that does all the heavy work of dealing with the database. The server then returns the response. The classes that mimic java.sql are currently less than 10k. A minimal program like that above compiled and built for the TINI is 13k!


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