This is a free open source Win32 program that simplifies launching Tomcat . It runs on both Win98 and Win2000 and has been tested with the various versions of Tomcat. There are three variants for Tomcat versions 3.0-3.2, 3.3 and for 4.0. The installer drops two programs in the /bin directory that replace the role of the batch files there. The key benefits of the program over the batch files are:

  • This program starts Tomcat with no setup or user intervention. It is meant to be really easy. Run the installer, during which you point to your Tomcat directory. After the install, there will be Start Menu items that start and stop Tomcat.
  • Can handle with file paths containing spaces!
  • An EXE launcher can create a 32 kB environment and a 4 kB command line. A batch file can create less the 4k for both.
  • An EXE has access to the Win32 API and supplies more "horsepower" than batch files. Notably, the program can access the registry to find an installed JDK or JRE.

This program also provides a log file. No more watching the error messages from batch files scroll off the screen. For advanced uses, an options file allows for easy JDK switching.


"This JustGo program should be REQUIRED with the Tomcat installation. I followed the original installation instructions to the letter and got all kinds of errors and garbage and didn't understand how win98 and memory work together. I went to start Tomcat and got all these out of environment space errors What the hell does that mean? Of course there was no documentation at the Jakarta Web site to help.

I was really getting angry after the three mark cause I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.
I downloaded you program, followed the instructions and whammo Tomcat did it's thing."

"mate you are an absolute legend, ive been arsing about with my win98 installation of tomcat. 60 seconds and all your problems are solved. download, unzip, copy to bin and run. Fantastic..."

"I just spent a couple hours trying to setup Tomcat and stumbled across your web page in my search for installation answers. I have to admit, I really didnt think it would work despite the testimonials listed....but I was wrong. It took me 5 seconds to download and about 10 seconds after clicking the executable to have Tomcat up and running. Thanks for saving me anymore pain. ;) Impressive work.... "

"After trying many different combinations of bat setup files and MS-Dos memory settings, I found your entry in the archive (search on 'start tomcat') and tried your JustGo_v12.zip file. The JStart.exe and JStop.exe worked perfectly the first time!"

"I just downloaded and easily installed your JustGo Tomcat launcher. It works like a charm. I now have two shortcuts on my desktop -- one for Jstart and one for Jstop, both with your Jgo.ico icon. Very nice looking, and very handy. Just a double-click to start or stop Tomcat, no more awkward manual adjustments of environment size, both Jstart.log and Jstop.log files automatically created and excellent documentation. Outstanding!!"
W. L. M.

"First, thanks a million. I've tried every way imaginable to get Tomcat working on my Win98 machine. I've searched archives, faq's, and tried every suggestion on the Tomcat list. Nothing has worked. I managed to get Apache jserv working and Sun's JSDWK working and both ran the examples fine...but Tomcat just wouldn't go. Whatever you did ran right out of the box on Tomcat Beta 3.2."
B. C.

Don't believe this will work for you? There are more testimonials here...

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