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This plugin allows you Tivo your email if you have Home Media Option and are running the Tivo Desktop Publisher and Server. The plugin creates a photograph showing the subject and sender of emails in your inbox. It only shows a preview, the mail stays on the mail server until you retrieve it with your normal mail program. The idea is just to allow you to check if anything of interest has arrived. You wouldn't want to leave your Tivo just to find "You don't have mail". You can check any number of accounts with this tool.

The download includes an installer and instructions for getting started. The plugin has everything needed to operate, so you should be Tivo'ng your email within a few minutes.

Note that this a standard extension of the HMO capabilities developed using the Tivo Desktop Plugin SDK . It is not a hack or anything else odd that you might be unwilling to use with your Tivo.

- A Tivo 2 and Home Media Option.
- A Windows computer running the Tivo Desktop software ( there is no plugin ability for Macs )
- A POP email account, i.e. non web-based email.


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The Original Code is "Hangar5 Mail Plugin for Tivo Desktop".

The Initial Developer of the Original Code is James D. Rudnicki.  
Portions created by James D. Rudnicki are
Copyright (C) 2004.  All Rights Reserved.

A full copy of the Mozilla Public License was included in this distribution. The original is available at .


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