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Take One

This is a simple Win32 program for snapping and downloading a picture from Olympus cameras along with other compatible types. It performs one task: it instructs the camera to take a picture, downloads that picture, and then erases that picture from the camera. This allows unlimited pictures to be taken without filling the camera's memory (your computers disk is another matter).

The program does not require the Twain driver, nor other software. This allows the program to operate on any computer with a serial port. The program and a couple of support files fit on a single floppy disk, so that you can easily take a copy with you.

The operation of the program can be controlled from the command line for use with task schedulers. The file name can be time stamped, so that unattended operation is possible.

The Twain driver is okay when you have snapped a bunch of photos and want to grab one, but it doesn't help with repetitive tasks. Possible uses for this program:

- Time lapse / daylight studies. Snap a picture every 30 minutes and store. Even if you could remote trigger the camera, the memory would get filled too quickly. Attach to a computer and you can fill a Zip disk, or grab 200 Meg, or a much disk space do you have?

- Spy on your dog. Just how long does it take after you leave the house in the morning before dogzilla gets into the trash or up on the couch?

- Inventory photos. If you need to photograph a thousand parts, the Twain driver just won't do it for you. What part number was PIC0003.JPG again?? What you want is to place something in front of the camera, type a file name, and take the picture. This will do that for you.

- Web cam ( a good web cam ). Snap and download to the same file again and again.


- Automatic file naming which allows time and date to be added to file name. This is perfect for time lapse studies

- Control of quality, flash, and macro mode.

Compatible cameras

Olympus D200L, D300L, D500L, DP-10, D-600L
Agfa 307
Nikon CP900
Epson PhotoPC.


Windows 95 or 98.

Download the program v1.12 ( 160k zip) 9Jan99
Dutch language extension ( 50k zip) Unzip these files to the same directory as the program. If you have selected Dutch as your language in the Windows control panel, the program will be Dutch! Thanks to Ulco F. Oskam who provided the translation 9Jan99

Source Code, debug builds, and archive of previous versions

Application examples and usage notes

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