This package is a Java implementation of the client & server side code for handling the XML-RPC protocol for remote procedure calls. It was designed to be small and fast (relatively), mainly for use on the TINI JVM. Notably, it can handle a remote procedure with about 700ms of overhead. It achieves this speed by not using XML! The schema used in XML-RPC is simple enough that the SAX can be avoided, saving about 2 seconds of overhead.

Specification Compliance Details

This implementation is believed to comply to the XML-RPC specification to be suitable for many applications. The efficiency is achieved at the cost of these items that are not supported:

  • CDATA sections are not supported.
  • Processing instructions and comments cannot be contained between the <methodCall></methodCall> tags. Outside the tags, they will be appropriately ignored.

I expect that these restrictions have no practical effect. When the client and server included in this library are used together, there are no restrictions.

This distribution includes a library that can be used to build clients, standalone servers, and servlets. An example standalone server is included, which is a subclass of the server from MinML-RPC developed by John Wilson. Several test clients are included to get you started. Complete source code, built binaries and ANT build files are included.

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The code is distrubuted under the Mozilla Public License v1.1. The source code is included in this distribution.

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